Welcome to the Climathon Playbook - we have gathered all the information to get you ready to organise a Climathon in your city.

Tackle climate change from the ground up.

Unprecedented times call for new heroes. Heroes that care about their city, their community.

The impacts of climate change are all around us, coming even harder and faster than the models predicted. When global climate politics is stifling, it’s our turn to move.

When business-as-usual is blind to the scale of the crisis we’re facing, we have the ability to envision a better future.

When faith in policies to fix the problem is fading, our hope rests in people like you and your community.

Mobilising citizens around the world to collaborate and take collective action, that is what Climathon is about.

Climathon is a stage for those that want to act on behalf of the needs of our planet.

The Time to Act Together is Now.

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